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The first novel from renowned business writer,

Mark Henry Thienes

In the late 20th century, the US Government initiated a top-secret program whose sole mission was to develop a DNA Kill Switch that could terminate the DNA sequence of anyone considered an existential threat to the US or humanity. 


Fast forward a few decades and the program has failed. But when post-graduate student Cooper Hawking publishes his doctoral dissertation on DNA research, asserting that he has developed a process called " sequential disruption" proven successful in terminating the DNA sequence of mice by "unraveling" the DNA strand with electronic pulsation, the promise of a DNA Kill Switch has new life! 


To take advantage of this breakthrough and ensure that the rest of the world does not have access to Cooper's work, the President of the United States and his trusted allies act quickly to remove Cooper's dissertation from public view, kidnap Cooper, and transport him to the DNA Research Facility in Colorado. POTUS is convinced that Cooper will be a patriot, cooperate, and build the DNA Kill Switch. When POTUS and team kidnap another prodigy, a top tech engineering student, Angelica (Angel) Suarez, tensions rise. 


Cooper and Angel are expected to fully cooperate, and build the DNA Kill Switch in exchange for their ultimate release back into society. 


Beware of the unintended consequences.

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